Kiss of love and Indian Society

I participated in one of the essay writing contests on Facebook prize, more than the results of contest i was excited that i got the book for free 🙂 .  Now i am ready to lose my religion 🙂

Here is the winning entry:


Imagine this, what if your own child asks this question why two people can’t kiss in public. Will you be able to answer the question with confidence, or will you tell a readymade answer that it is against the moral of our country.

Before we look into the Kiss of Love we need to look into the question what is meant by society and what is Indian Society?

What everyone in India is thinking currently isn’t it?

Why do we have Indian way of thinking, American way of thinking, Chinese way of thinking etc.? Can’t every human in world think same and speak one common language, the language of love? I feel more than answers, questions are important.

We are living in world where expression of love is shaped by laws of country. If we look at carvings in temple of Khajuraho we as Indians can’t believe it. Why did we become so conservative in last 3000 years? There isn’t a single thing which has contributed to India becoming conservative, there were religions, politicians, British rule and many more things which has changed and created current pattern of thinking. Does that mean our culture got influenced in last 3000 years? What is the meaning of Freedom for Indians? What is the meaning of freedom when we can’t kiss in public? Are we really free?

Why is kissing in India considered a taboo in India? Most of us have a readymade answer to this question. It is against our morals. When we hear answers like this than another set of questions appear. What are our morals, who decide our moral? Are morals dependent on geographic location?

There are another set of people who have another readymade answer fort this: It will take time for Indians to change. Would you settle with this answer? Is change in human behavior dependent on time?

The answer of this question lies in conditioning which has taken place in last thousand years. It is the pattern of thinking which is passed from one generation to another. Can’t we as Indian break the pattern and get rid of falseness which has spread for last thousand years?

If we Indians can break the barrier it will certainly give the courage to other human beings in different part of world.

Like fear, courage is contagious. If we keep sitting with fear and don’t take an action than we will be enslaved forever in current pattern of society. By participating and having an open minded discussion we can certainly bring a change.

Bringing the change will not be easy because it will meet tremendous resistance from large set of people, we need courage and open minded discussions.


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