Solving dimension of time through awareness

Image credits : Pixabay

Most of the problems and suffering we experience in our life is due to lack of understanding of time. Understanding means self knowledge not given by some one else.  We can try reading so many books, philosophers, but until we see things from our own it will not make sense.  Lets examine it together what time is.

Children’s don’t suffer from dimension of time, for e.g. you he or she may fall down and get hurt but he will not suffer much in future.  Children’s understand only one thing that is living in NOW.

Where does this feeling of time comes from?  In a nutshell “Past” “Present” and “Future”.

Lets try to examine past in this post.

Past is based on experiences stored in memory.  If there is no memory there is no past. Please understand that memory is needed its not bad.  Without memory we cant function.  Which implies there are memories which can bring suffering and which will not. For e.g. You danced so intensely that you just have memories of it, it doesn’t bring any good or bad memories.  When you have lived the moment so intensely with your total attention than it will never bring suffering in your life.

Until or unless we learn to live in NOW we will always suffer.  Sometimes when i look at my child i feel, that we in childhood were also like that.  So what happened in between childhood and earning livelihood that we got caught up in time?   Its a tough question to answer but if we start looking into it we will understand what happened.

Understanding things ourselves bring a different kind of energy and it destroys the false automatically with out making an effort.  For e.g You are given a task to work on photoshop and this is the first time you are doing it. For the first time you will have lot of apprehensions about it but later when you learn it will become easy.  You see the difference of before and after?

In the same way if we start watching our own life, how we create memory, why we suffer than it brings more understanding. Once we understand, false will drop away automatically.  Having an awareness in the present moment is all we need to understand the time.

Have fun living in present.



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