Small App ideas

Listing out small app ideas which can be done in short span of time : 1-3 days

1. How much water you drink today

2. Add a signature to photo

3. An app which displays quotation

4. Tap fast – Add a button on screen and tap it again and see how many times you can tap it in one minute –

5. Birthday reminder

6. Daily spend tracker – this might take a week to accomplish

7. An app to demonstrate all the controls in Android – Button, ProgressBar, Layout

8. Packing list – Ability to add multiple suitcases for different trip types.

9. Where is my stuff – capture an object by photo and tag it to find out where you have stored it.

10. Business card manager – An app to capture photo of business cards and later organize it.

11. Home repair manager – An app to record which item was repaired at what time and what was the amount paid for repair . Problem :   We forget to remember what was the last time an item was repaired.

12. Some important dates – Store all important dates like date of joining.


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