Shipping a simple app on Google Playstore

While driving on the way to office a thought came in my mind.  How much minimum time it will take to develop an app and publish on Playstore?   The immediate answer was one day!

I had an experience writing an android app before but I missed out on the publishing part, that was something I wanted to conquer.  Also publishing an app on your own gives you a confidence, and you can proudly show off to your friends that you have an app by your name.  Cool?

One of the blocks in app development is storing data, local is easy but no one likes static content. I thought of creating a simple app which will display quotes about software and programming.  Considering it will be my first self published app, I believed in creating a simple without too many features. A simple app which will read data from json file hosted on dropbox share .  The advantage of having it on dropbox is that I can update the json and add more quotes as and when required.

Also want to admit that I failed to develop in one day, it took me two days.

This is how my two days went:

1. First day went on building methods that will retrieve data, writing json and collecting data for app.

2. Developing UI and publishing to app store.

The app is not feature rich but does what it intends to, I have also added an option to share the quote.  A long press on text will show the context menu.

You can download the app from:

Here are the screenshots of app:


I know this is not the best app out there on appstore, but these things were worth learning in a two day journey:

1. Stealing background – I am sure you are liking the background of the app.  There are so many websites which offer background textures for free.  Download background and use them in your app.

2. Fonts : The font you see is not android font, I have downloaded royalty free fonts from

3. Dropbox – This the coolest part, I download JSON from Dropbox and read json and parse it using GSON library.

Here is my JSON snippet:

“Quotes”: {
“Quote”: [
“id”: “0”,
“text”: “The cleaner and nicer the program, the faster it’s going to run. And if it doesn’t, it’ll be easy to make it fast.”,
“author”: “Joshua Bloch”,
“Image”: “unknown”


Also one fact worth mentioning is that I am not using dropbox API.  I am using HttpUrlConnectionclass to download the json file.

4. Swipe Gestures– The app works by left and right swipe gesture, I am using a viewpager and loading a fragment at run time to show the content.  Since ViewPager has everything in built to support swipe so its easy to implement left and right gestures in it.

5. Publish to Playstore – Most of devs have a fear in mind that even after developing, will my app will be accepted in playstore? But that’s more of a mental block, Apple has very strict regulations on quality of app, but google doesn’t have that.  Once you have tested your app, publish it.  Its really very fast.

Feel free to ask question, although I am a beginner but will try to answer.

P.S. – I will share the source code soon

UPDATE : 20_march-2013 – I have pushed the source code on GitHub, here is the repository :


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