Don’t search for peace

One of the realization in my life is that more i searched for peace, it was creating more problem. The problem with getting into our so called peace full situation is that we are creating attachment to it.

One example that i have learned from my own life is getting into habit of listening to peaceful and calm full music for relaxation. Our mind starts loving this experience saying this is good. Problem occurs when you are not able to relax your mind even after listening to the music.

Why this problem?

When we start liking something the after affect of it is attachment. This is how our mind works, when we identify something as good we get attached to it. When we see something bad happening it creates aversion.

On listening to relaxation music my mind agreed that its a good experience and got attached to it. One day I was stressed and i was unable to calm down my mind despite listening to relaxation music. I ended up being more frustrated :). The reason for frustration is, our mind was attached to the idea that I will be relaxed by listening to the music. When I didn’t get that satisfaction I was expecting it made me felt frustrated.

I believe we should try to peaceful and calmful every time and should not depend on any thing external. What if we depend on something external and that thing disappears from our life?


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