The Joy of now

I don’t believe future will be joyful. 

What is exciting is Now.

We are living in an era where technology innovations are happening at a very fast rate. Tablets, smartphones, wearable gadgets, faster transportation, movies on demand. etc makes us believe that future will be exciting. One of the drawbacks of thinking about future is that we are caught in a greed.

 Most of us (including me) live in a greed that buying something new will bring satisfaction to our life, this is a greed. We have been living with this greed and we dont even know that it is driving our life.

This greed is a big problem, it is taking peace away from our life. Until we learn to live in present moment/Now we cannot experience true happiness. 

These are the few things that i have been trying to be in present.

1. Giving up dualistic thoughts

Most of thoughts that arise in our mind are dualistic, when we see something good we get attracted towards it and it creates attachment. On the other hand when we see something we don’t like it creates aversion. The problem with Dualisitic thinking is that when we classify things as good and bad, it is buidling up ego. The ego of attachment and aversion.  

We spend most of our life categorizing people, places, things into good and bad. If we watch closely, the moment we label something as bad it creates turbulence in our mind.  This turbulence spoils the present moment and we loose focus and attention in present moment.  Instead of seeing things as good or bad, we can try to see things “As they are”.  Its not good, not bad its its as is. 

We always want to be happy but our ego is taking away the peace from us, until or unless we learn how our minds work we can not defeat ego. 

2. Kill the greed :

We live in an attention deficit world, the cause of lack of attention is greed in our mind.  Our mind has agreed to our greed thinking until or unless we do more things we will not be happy.  This greed has no end.  We live in a materialistic world; there is no end of our needs and desire. It doesn’t mean that we should give up all the desires.  I feel striking a balance of desires is the solution, this balance can be achieved by doing less things.  I feel the days spent doing less things are best days of my life. 

3. You are going to die :

This one is tough but i feel death is the biggest motivation one can have.  Thinking about death i feel all the the pride, ego , shame will fade away on that moment. When all these things will fade away than why we should have fear in life?

Moment after another we are dying, we dont have past and we dont have future.  All we have is present moment, so lets try to live in this present moment to experience joy of our life. 



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