When will you stop thinking?

I came across a post which talks about living in present. Its hard to live in present because most of us (including me) have a wandering mind. Past is the one which brings guilt, fear to our life and future is bringing anxiety. 

Here is the passage from the blog:

What did you eat this morning? Was it good, do you even remember now? Have you taken even a moment to hug your kids and feel it? Have you told the person in your life you love them, or just said the words? Is your life better today because you are alive or is the same old shit? When will YOU STOP? Do you know you have approximately 77,000 thoughts per day? The problem is they are the same ones you had yesterday, the day before and last year. “OVER AND OVER AGAIN EXPECTING A DIFFERENT RESULT.”


So what is the answer? Stop doing the things you are doing? No, stop thinking the same uncontrolled thoughts you are thinking! Live life ON PURPOSE. Sit and enjoy your coffee, your meal, your children, your partner. Turn the autopilot off and fly the plane yourself! Live EACH MOMENT like it was your LAST ONE. Because it just might be.

Source : http://my-buddha-nature.info/?p=1571


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