The usual rant of iOS not having a file system

I see lot of people ranting about iOS not having file system.  I agree with the fact that not having a file system access in iOS have left many of us disappointed.

Let me get straight to the point of what people are looking for when they are looking for file system :

1. Share mp3 files.

2. Share pdf.

Isn’t this called ripping off someones work?

There are lot of Android apps available on play store that makes your device (phone/tablet) a network drive so that you can access files and share them with others.  These apps can be helpful at times, but they pose a big threat i.e. piracy.

Even though iOS file system is not ideal but it supports creators and stops piracy.  Every one gets an opportunity to sell there work and make money out of it.

iOS presents a better opportunity, an opportunity to sell your hard work.  Some day you will write a book and I am sure you will feel sad when you hear people transferring your books using bluetooth or a file sharing software.

A platform which is open creates a bigger problem i.e. Piracy. When i read posts like this i feel that we are progressing in backward direction

Developer says piracy forced Dead Trigger Android game to go free :

I am sure Android team will fix it or they might have already done it in Jellybean, but they are damn late.


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