iOS user interface keeps you focused

For past few days i have been reading about how user interfaces plays a crucial role in productivity.  The reason to research in this area is because our productivity depends on what kind of device we use. You may argue that productivity is one’s own responsibility but that’s not the case,  i compared my habits between PC and iPad and what i have found PC experience is distracting most of the time, because you end up multitasking.  Most of the time spent on PC is searching on web, which completely takes off your focus on what you were doing.  Multitasking is really bad, it kills productivity.  By the end of this year the battle of user interface will become  intense because we will see metro user interface coming to pc’s

While trying to compare iOS vs Metro i came across this excerpt from a blog post :

Briefly, this grand UI war is not over. Not at all. That said, at the current state of smartphone development, the app is a far better, far more suitable ‘information presentation and delivery construct’ that the Windows Phone tiles/integrated information experience. I want a specific app, specific book, specific game while on my smartphone. Not a flowing stream of data, updates and services. Why do you think Steve Jobs would never get rid of the iPhone’s HOME button? That’s our Zen cue. It focuses our mind and eyes and ears on the highly specific action we are about to take. Windows Phone, for its many attributes, violates this. People want apps. They need them. Just as we needed the desktop metaphor for the prior computing age’s computer forms

This makes lot of sense to me, an iOS device is designed with an intent to keep you focused.  If i have used an app for sometime, i know its icon and i will be able to find it on iPad. Streaming tiles will be a distraction because you might end up in some other app by looking at the tile update, which can be a productivity killer.

I am not trying to dictate that ipad is better than windows PC or vice versa, the point is while purchasing a device productivity plays a crucial role.


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