My love for Apple

When you love some one you think about it, talk about it and you spread the love.  This is what this blog post is all about. 

I feel privileged to be born in an era in which I saw Apple led by Steve Jobs creating awesome products that any one can use, which does not require a user manual. The company that puts customer first and design there business models.  Today my parents can use apps and video conference with me. they can share photos with me instantly…

Apple is the company which does not think of people as market, they design products with a thinking that people want the best.

Thank you Apple for making this world a better place and giving us tools that are powerful and are easy to use. My life would have never been the same if Apple wouldn’t have been there.

To Steve You made our world better, our spirits fiercer, our endeavors more noble, our creativity more powerful, and business more personal. Because you knew, it’s always personal.

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