Does Like button kills creativity?

For lot of creative people popularity is driving force behind creativity.  Let me share with you couple of examples how social networking is influencing creativity:

Example One:
You created a graphic image and shared it on social network and lot of your friends clicked the like button.  As a result you felt encouraged which brought energy and motivation in you.

Example Two:
You created another graphic image which you feel is superior than last one and you thought it better expresses the creative part of you.  You shared it on social network and this time you didn’t receive any likes.

How will you feel?

Most of us in today’s world will feel let down and think my last effort was not creative and i might need to rethink or change my approach.

Few days back i was reading a passage from the book “Mindfire”, it helped me in understanding that what is popular is not good always.  If something is popular it may be result of people using predictable and safe choice to make it popular.  On the other hand a good idea makes other uncomfortable, scares which works against popularity.

Reading above from Mindfire book makes me believe that popularity can work against creativity.  If you have done something different it might not appeal to others.

The kind of world we live in today, like button has bigger impact and meaning and we relate it with popularity.  After posting our work on social networks a wait cycle starts in brain looking for if we have received any like’s or not.  As we continue to get involved in social networks we have started believing the philosophy of like button and expect that more likes we receive better we are doing. Which may not be true always.

The key learning is when you are sharing your work on social networks and don’t receive any like than don’t feel let down, go with what you believe.  Don’t let the no of likes received stop you in being creative.


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