How to combine subject and verb to create stunning headlines

This blog post is a result of two books that i have been reading:

1. Presentation secrets of Steve Jobs
2. 50 Writing Tools

My learning from presentation book was how Steve Jobs created short headlines and used them to create mind blowing presentations.  Second learning from writing tools book was how to combine subject and verb to create powerful sentences.

I figured out that subject and verb is a powerful combination and can be used to create stunning headlines which can be used for blog post, article titles, subject lines of email etc.

Let me start with an impactful headline that Apple made few years back and changed the way we live, communicate and interact with devices:

“Apple reinvents the Phone”

Lets analyze why this sentence is able to make an impact.  The first word is the subject and second is the verb  =  Apple + Reinvents

Here are some more stunning headlines which follows subject and verb:

1.  Apple Unveiled Ipad

2. Brian Hall exposed Google by giving evidence.

3. America runs on Dunkin.

4. You Can Quit Your Job and Make Even More Money

5. Lincoln says war inevitable; Davis agrees

6. Clinton says there was no affair, urges witness ‘to tell the truth’

So next time you write an email subject line, twitter update, blog post or an article title start with this approach of Subject and Verb.

If you have followed my post than you have learned a writing tool called as : “Branch to Right” which is writing sentences starting from subject and verb.  Remember this is a tool for writing sentence not a rule.


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