Diagramming : PC vs Ipad

I am a fan of drawing diagrams, if you can express things visually it can leave an Impact to the audience.  So far I have mostly used Visio as my primary diagramming tools. Recently I downloaded Idesk app on my Ipad and started to use it.


Few things I liked about this app:

1. The feeling of drawing diagram using your fingers is way better than using mouse and keyboard.

2. Coloring of elements feels natural

3. You get involved in creating diagrams.

4. Shape recognition – It has a automatic shape recognizer, you don’t need to worry too much about drawing square, rectangles, circle.

The whole intent of this blog post is to highlight the fact that Natural Interfaces are set to rule in this space of creating diagrams.  I feel more productive in drawing diagrams in Ipad rather than PC.  The more I use the tablet, more confident I feel that we are in a post PC area, where lot more things can be accomplished using a tablet.

IDesk can be downloaded from here : http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/idesk-diagrams-graphs-schemes/id393111242?mt=8


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