Motive of Business relates with Customer Experience

Few days back I visited reliance mart store near to my house, once I reached billing counter I observed it was taking longer than usual to bill items.  It was easy to sense that employee at billing counter was not at all interested in doing his job. It resulted in customers getting dissatisfied and frustrated.

While standing in the queue i thought about why is this company running this shopping mart. I thought about businesses run by reliance and the answer was clear. They are here to make money that’s there whole intent of running business i.e. to make money and become more and more rich.

EDIT: I realized that there is nothing wrong in earning money and becoming rich, everyone wants to be rich and prosperous life and that should be one of the goals of our life. The real problem I found in the above company is that they are not purpose driven, there purpose is to expand and they don’t really value customer service.

I started comparing this experience with another customer service experience from “Hydropro”, which provides drinking water cans in Bangalore.  Till this date I have never been dissatisfied with there service, they are always able to deliver on time and honest in presenting bills and most importantly they are able to clean drinking water at affordable rates.  I got an opportunity to talk with owner of Hydropro when he came to collect the bill.  According to owner there whole idea of running the business is because they want to provide clean water in a professional way. They found out that in a city like Bangalore, various local brands were selling tap waters in a sealed can and they stepped up to provide clean drinking water.

I started associating this cause with customer service, if a business has a great cause than they can motivate, convince and generate lot of enthusiasm in employees. Employees working in that company will feel pride that they are working for a great cause.  Having employees which are not motivated can be dangerous for company.

Its important to find out before purchasing a product i.e. why is that company doing that business, what is there purpose.  People buy when they find out why is that company doing the business and whats there purpose.



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