A Self Driven Project on Self Improvement

Few days back I blogged four things I want to focus on in this blog post. All these four things were related with personal character. What started out as four things became lot more than that, resulting in this blog post.

The reason to blog about is, as I write about it, it brings more clarity on what I want to do and a determination to pursue the path.  I also realized after reading this post of Benjamin Franklin that what is missing is my last post is Agenda and Plan to accomplish these qualities.

Here is my new list of qualities that I want to build, focusing each and every one of them once in a week.

1. Resolution

One of the problems that I have identified is mind thinks more about problem rather than solution. It happens so many times that I thought about a problem for really long time and I created some more problems around it, without thinking about solution.  If I can trigger my mind to go into solution mode, rather than thinking about problem itself than it will be a big win. I would think of its as a developing a solution mode trigger for mind, which triggers automatically.

2. Anger Management

3. Perseverance:

A constant determination is required to successfully execute a project from beginning to end.  Lot of times it happens that our mind gets excited about something new to build, but some other events happens in life which takes you off the track of what you wanted to do. This is where determination is going to help to get back to track.

4. Confidence :

No matter what you do in your life, things might not end up what you have expected.  It happens so many times that you get drowned by other’s opinion, having faith and confidence on ourselves should keep me on track.

5. Humility

6. Adopting Simplicity :

As life pass by I have started realizing there is no use of wasting time and money on things like buying expensive cars, watch, clothes…. etc.  All these things are distractions and takes your focus away.  I also want to associate simplicity with things I want to build in my life, those should be easy to use and are easy to work with.

7. Accepting Criticism

8. Understanding Life and Death :

I feel this is something for which everyone has its own understanding.  What’s important is arriving at understanding why we are here on earth and about death.  Why to crave and have fear, if we are going to leave everything when we die.

[Space for more] – Lifting your mood. 

These are the qualities that I want to build on for entire life and will keep on focusing on all of them one by one with a an agenda.

I will keep on visiting this post and expanding this list based on what I feel is necessary for me.


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