Top 3 reasons why you should Embrace Twitter

I have been using Twitter for a while and it’s the only social network I have found so far which helped me in getting connected with right set of people and building a community.  Twitter is my source of every day inspiration and helps me in keeping motivated.

This post is an attempt to convince people by talking about the values of twitter that helps in becoming a better person.

These are the three simple points about twitter which sets it apart from other rival social networks.

1. The Power is in Small

Ask yourself how many whales are there in this world compared with no of ants?

Whales are endangered and ants continue to do fine.  That explains the potential of small things, small and simpler things are more powerful than big.  Twitter believes in simplicity by putting a hard limit of 140 chars and communicate by writing small messages.

As we grow up we make our lives complex and forget simplicity. We tend to write things in more complicated way.  Re-visit your old emails and you will find, long sentences and paragraphs which can be easily converted to small sentences within 140 characters.

2. Connecting with People you wished to be with

Everyone in this world is passionate about something in their life, be it a guitar, reading books, writing, etc…  To pursue your passion and achieve your goals you need to make a step forward.  One of the most important steps is to find your mentor and connect with them to gain knowledge.  Facebook is a limited social network, it limits you to connect with friends and family that’s it.  Using Twitter you can connect with people that you admire.

Three simple steps in twitter to connect with whom you admire: 1. Find them using search 2. Follow them 3. Tweet to them using @. That’s all you need.

Sharing my own example: I was able to connect with a famous TED speaker and talk with him and seek help on a topic I was interested in learning.

3. Helps you in becoming a better Presenter

At some stage of life there will be an ask to deliver presentations or to talk in front of people or team.  Communicating with Twitter helps you in building skills to write concise sentences that are eye catching and to create mind blowing headlines.

Apple made history by this headline: “Today Apple Reinvents the Phone” . This is a perfect example of concise and powerful message that made a permanent mark in memory.  As you continue to invest time on twitter, you will able to grow up on this skill.

That sums up what I have learned from twitter so far and why you should embrace it.


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