Problems with pursuing personal development and solution

Few days back i wrote about things that i want to focus on at my blog, related with personal development.
Out of the four points some of these skills are easy to learn, others are difficult. For e.g. i was searching on content on how to be humble i.e. humility I couldn’t find a good path for that.
I feel everybody in a world is a patient, and suffers from various common problems like : “Time Management”, “How to handle criticism”, “Motivation”.  A good patient is someone who identifies his/her problem in advance and works on them to resolve it.
I mentioned above that it’s difficult to find good content on area you want to be interested in.  Another problem is : there is so much information on web on these skills, but there is no clear path to attain them.
If some one wants to develop skills like creativity, motivation… than its a challenge in itself. 
There is a big list of challenges to pursue personal development, some of them are:
1. Whom to follow?
2. Can i trust this article?
3. Where to find right content?
4. Which book should i read?
5. Some people prefer videos instead of reading books
The solution i think about these problems is : To develop a social portal where a user can pick and choose what skill they want to learn and easily find the content which can help them.  The website will have feature for uploading  content like article/video and users can rate them.  

Videos are good source of motivation and quickly learn something.  Website will have different channels on each topic of personal development.  

This is more like building a ecosystem where people with different skills write for this website and get recognized, and also users get opportunity to upload there content.
Edit 14/Feb/12: Found a website which is similar in few things, however its a blog not a social network. I don’t see an opportunity of  amateur bloggers contributing there content.  My model will be completely based on content contributed by users and allowing people to rate it.  Apart from articles, there are youtube, vimeo videos which are also good source of inspriration.
To summarize this site will accept various kind of content that relates with personal development:
  1. Share pictures which are inspirational
  2.  Books related with particular skill
  3. Videos -Share or upload your own
  4. Recommend sessions for a particular skill e.g  – Art of Living course.
  5. Live Webcast Channel – If you think you can inspire others than host a free webcast.
  6.  A calendar of events happening with location
  7.  Post an Articles
  8. Post quotes
Above all it recognizes people who are contributing to these areas by writing books, articles etc so that people can easily follow them.
To define my model in a single sentence :  “In life you get tired sometime, for those of you who want to cure tiredness my solution will help them to get back with enough energy”. Its like a glass of water.


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