Four things that I want to focus on

As the days pass by in New Year I will continue investing my time in personal development. I have already started reaping benefits for time I have spent on things like: How to handle criticism, creative thinking, and how to simplify things and many more.

As I continue on this path I have identified three qualities that I will continue to work and strive upon:

1. Simplicity– This is something I want to adapt in my life. What is the use of buying an expensive watch? A 50 rupees watch can solve the purpose of seeing time.  To accomplish simplicity my approach will be to only focus on things which I love and care and remove things which are distraction.

2. Clear thinking about Life– I want to be a clear thinker in my life, most of us fear death (including me). I want to remove that fear from my mind forever. This doesn’t mean I want to die, if I have a clear thinking about life, it will make my life easy. To accomplish this I am planning to read spiritual books.

3. Perseverance – There are so many things I wanted to do in life but I left in middle or I never started it. I bought several books, just because of excitement and later never touched it. Continuing my passion is something that I want to focus on.

4. Humility – Humility is low view on ones own importance, Practicing humility will make us wiser and will make us more teachable.  It makes a person less arrogant and less prideful.



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