Why Is It Important To Discover Passion In You

Let me start by explaining why I chose to write on this topic.

“You can only have a fulfilling life when you do things that you love”


When you love something you will have strong feelings and emotions about it which is called as Passion. Once you have discovered what your passion is than you will wake up excited every morning and you will be in love with life.

People who are successful always say that they did what they were passionate about. Steve jobs himself said that he was lucky because he discovered his passion in early stages of his life.

Once you have discovered your passion, you will find the way on your own for a successful career path.

People who work on things which they are not passionate about, end up living a semi-fulfilled life and getting frustrated.

So the question is how to discover the passion? I have been personally involved in researching on this area on how can someone find what is he passionate about.

These are three things I have found that can help in discovering the passion inside you.

1. Do not Search –> Discover – Discovering your passion has to be Natural, it will take its own time and requires a dedication and continued effort. So keep looking until you have found it.

2. Pen and Paper – Observe yourself and write down things that excite you and what doesn’t. Try to stay away from what you don’t like and get closer to what you like. Keep a pen and paper near you so that you don’t miss anything.

3. Re-Discover Old Memories – Is there anything you can think off that you loved to do when you were a child? I am sure lot of us have had creative hobbies during childhood, some people built aero planes, playing guitar , electronics, photography… etc. Why not re-discover them? Who knows you can be back in game with your skills that you loved in child hood.

There is another step involved in getting successful after you have discovered your passion, the step is to connect with right set of people who already have knowledge in the area that you are passionate about.

How can you find a mentor who can help you in giving a right direction? One known fact about passionate people is that they care to share. You can find them in internet forums, sites like  Twitter, Facebook, StackOverflow…

You need to show that you are in love, demonstrate your work using blogs or any other means that you think can help in gaining attention.

Discovering your passion along with connecting to right set of people is a recipe to success.

Thank you for stopping by on this post, if you liked it please share and spread the love.


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