Social Touch for Indian Marriages

Marriages in India are bright event filled with ritual and celebrations that continues for several days. In this post I will attempt how a social device can change this experience all together.

Let me first explain what happens in marriages and how it can be changed to provide a first class social experience.

We go to a marriage, click pictures and come back and start sharing them on social websites like facebook.  Thanks to smartphone devices that you can instantly upload them and share it on Facebook.  The problem is, In India everyone is not tech savvy, most of Indians don’t carry a smartphone.  In fact there are only 10% of Indian youths which carry smartphone, rest 90% carry feature phones.  For those who don’t carry smartphones, they rely on laptop to browse.

I feel there is a need of social device which can change this experience. An interactive touch based device, places in different locations using which following things can be done:

1. The device will be capable of clicking photographs.

2. After photograph is clicked it will be uploaded to a dedicated social (facebook) page.

3. People can come back to the device and tag themselves by using touch based interface.

4. Add comments to the picture.

Roughly, device should look like this.


I feel people who were not able to attend the marriage it will be a fun for them, they can add comments, like the content, share …etc.

If you have followed my post this far, you must have asked this question to yourself: Does this device exist?  If not can it be created?

I haven’t seen such device yet, but I think this can be done.  My first guess was to extend Ipad or any other tablet device, but the problem with doing with tablet is of size, you need a screen bigger that tablet to provide good user experience.

This requires some more brainstorming to come up with such a device, but the whole idea is these internet connected devices should be a big demand in future.  Smartphones, tablets, Surface tables will be able to meet our needs most of the time, but for your own custom needs you might want to invent something like this.

Feel free to share your thoughts in comment below, I promise to reply back.

EDIT : For past few days i have been thinking about this idea, one of the best ways to do this is have a multitouch wall and camera mounted on top of it.  In this way the experience will be engaging.  People will not only click pics and they would love to play around with pics after photo is clicked.  It may be a costly deal, but an experience worth remembering

An example of multitouch wall :



    1. Some more suggestions from Greg:
      i imagine the photographer shape to be somewhat cartoony/surrealistic… Not a real life photographer…that would be boring
      with smooth edges, like a Matryoshka
      and it has this one big eye in its head
      you gotta make recognizable stuff. gotta make it like….a public/social phenomenon
      something cool

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