Reinventing Wall Clock


Continuing from looking at the things around, some of which I have covered in my last blog post.

In this post I am sharing my observations for wall clock.

If you observe wall clock, you get a feeling its only meant for seeing time. No matter how expensive watch you buy at the end it will end up as an object meant to know what is current time.

So the question is, Can our wall clocks do more than what they are meant for?

Yes. I think time has come to reinvent wall clocks. I would love to have a clock which will tell me in morning historical significance of today for e.g. today is birthday of Thomas Edison.  A watch that can enlighten us in different ways :

1. Inspire

2. Motivate

3. Personal Development

4. Provoke Laughter

The question is does this watch exists, if not than can it be created?

The idea of having such watch is inspired from one of my friends who is working on to creating displays which shows content of twitter account.

I use twitter a lot and it is source of my inspiration, humor and enlightenment.  There are so many twitter accounts which tweet inspirational quotes, funny facts, breaking news and you get all this for free.  All you need to do is follow these accounts and you will get inspiration, motivation …for free…  Isn’t that great?

The idea is to create a watch which can display tweets from twitter accounts I talked above. All we need is a software which will control what kinds of tweets you want to display.

A software having knobs and switches that will control what you want to show in clock.  Something like this:


A software using which I can increase/adjust the level of inspirational quotes, humor and software will automatically pull up those kinds of tweets.

The other advantages of having this kind of watch is, twitter will be able to reach out mass audience. A simple math to reach out:  Every room has at least one wall clock, multiply it to number of houses.  I think this kind of watch will have a potential to reach out to so many people.

Do you think you will be benefitted to have this kind of watch?

Think of this : You wall clock will never be the same again, you will always look at it to get inspired, it will bring smile on your face.

Feel free to point me if watch like this already exists, I would be happy to buy that Smile



  1. This looks great! However, don’t you think display screen is small?

    How would be to use it as iPod controller… (provided clock is reachable)

  2. Some more thoughts that i want to capture:
    This should be a complete software based watch, using software i can solve problems like:
    1. The watch will sync with Internet Time servers, the advantage of doing that is reliability of time
    2. The watch can be transformed to give another look and feel using skin, skin can be updated using a web/mobile interface
    3. If its a software based watch than we can also display additional timezones like :
    4. Imagine in the morning, you will see tweets from History Day and you will come to know inportance of this day. :!/Historyday

    1. Another one: Integration with Facebook Timeline
      Clock will remind you status updates for last year same time what you were doing.

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