Observing Familiar as Strange

If you would have read my last blog post which was the review of book I read on creative thinking than point # 2 “Observing familiar as strange” should have made you curious. 

I tried to apply this learning in real life and observed things and thought differently about them.

These are few things I thought of :

1. Mirror


Imagesource : http://www.carolinarustica.com/

We see it everyday, Is this mirror capable of doing something more? Can it display:

1. To do list?

2. Social updates like facebook, twitter

Will you not feel great if you can just move your finger across the browse through your schedule of the day. Mirror is something that everyone looks into before leaving for office.

I will not be astonished if someone has already created this mirror, or may be I am late in thinking about it.


2. Tubelight / Fluorescent Lamp


ImageSource : indigenousfilmworks.com

Tubelights for over years are more or less the same and nothing much has changed. I see it as an opportunity to change it.  A thought that came into my mind was what if tubelight can be used to display social updates.  Makes sense?

Not much, if you use tubelight for any other purpose you have to think before you spoil its original intent. Needs some more thoughts.

3. Ceiling Fan

nsiclamba6d_Ceiling_Fan (1)

Imagesource : www.trademart.in

Don’t have much to talk about it now, except it can be used to show animations when a fan is rotating.  I don’t have a clear idea now how it can be changed but this is something that can be changed to do something wonderful.

If you have read this blog post this far, you would have realized that things known to us, familiar to us can be changed.  Most of my ideas here might not make sense, but that shouldn’t stop me in thinking different about familiar.



  1. I would suggest you to read comics, watch cartoons, play with infants. Best sources of wildest imaginations… Have fun and be creative!

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