Take Away from book : "The Art of Creative Thinking" – How to be innovative and develop great ideas.


I picked up this book from library without even reading a single review on web.

I mostly do a lot of research before picking up a book, after reading the title of book I got curious and didn’t hesitate to pick up the book from shelf.

My intent of writing this blog post is to capture what I liked about the book and even if I don’t have a physical copy I can come back to this blog and refer. The pictures below are collected from web and are not part of book.

For people reading this blog post, consider this as a book review.

These are the things that author suggests for getting started with act of creative thinking:

1. Nature Suggests


image source : http://www.imagegossips.com

The book suggests to explore nature and find out what is already there which can be applied to our life.  In the past lot of discoveries have been made by observing the nature for e.g. Ultrasound was discovered after observing bats. Human beings have learned a lot from nature. So the idea is to find out what is already there in nature and apply your mind to re-invent it in your life.

2. Observe Familiar as Strange

images (1)

image source: surfmusic.blogsome.com

Making familiar things strange is one of the acts in achieving creative thinking.  An old and famous quote:  “Familiarity reduces the greatness of things”  Seeing familiar things as strange, odd and problematic restarts the engine of mind.  The book suggests to watch things carefully and write down what you don’t know about them. One of the things that I really want to try after reading the book is to sit in front of sea, observe waves and write what I don’t know about sea waves.

3. Having Knowledge in one or more field helps


image source: go.webassistant.com

There is a dedicated chapter which lists out examples on how a knowledge from different field has led people to create something new in a different field.  In a nutshell knowledge of various fields helps.

4. Practice Serendipity 


image source : beasuccessfulentrepreneur.com

Author suggests that one needs to be adventurous to trigger creative thinking. Here is my own example of serendipity. One day I decided to go by bus instead of car to office. While travelling I met someone who was working in a field that I wanted to explore. We started talking and I came to know so many things in that field.

5. Curiosity


image source  strengthplay.com

As we grow old we start loosing slowly what we possessed called as appetite for knowledge i.e. Curiosity. Curiosity makes people to search for there answers which one of the steps of creative act. One way to develop curiosity is to ask questions.

My suggestion will be to carry a smart phone device to access websites like Wikipedia and get instant answer of your question. In case you are not able to find answer of your questions than try online forums, there are so many people who love to give answers of questions asked by people.

6. Keep your Eyes open, Listen for Ideas, Reading to generate ideas 


Image source: rikravado.hubpages.com, unitedministriessc.wordpress.com, darton.edu

Very simple, if you do not observe carefully you will not think. A famous quote: “A good spectator also creates”

A good listener has curiosity and desire to learn

Books are a stores of ideas,thoughts and facts… Reading books can simulate to develop and trigger creative thinking process.

7. Keep a Notebook Always

pen and paper

source: goshen.edu

Book suggests to keep a notebook around you so that you don’t miss your creative ideas. Penning down your idea is always better, because you can draw your idea in free form and refer it later.  Some of the digital equivalents I could think of instead of carrying notebook are: Wacom Bamboo Pen and touch, Samsung Galaxy note, Tablet PC.

8. Live a creative life


Image source : WeirdExistence.com

Live life in such a way that you discover things on a routine basis. Try new ways of doing same things again.

This covers what I liked about the book, there are lot more things in this book which i haven’t covered here, if my blog post would have made you curious you will definitely find the book yourself. 



    1. Thanks Amit. Most of the audience like graphics, plain text can be boring. Image search on web helped me in collecting pictures.

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