Save Time : My way

For past few days I am working on a personal project that requires good amount of time to be devoted.  Everyday I wake up in morning thinking how I can save time which I can utilize for my project and that too without disturbing work life balance . 

These are the things I have changed/tweaked and are helping me to save time:

1.  I enjoy squash/badminton/morning walk every morning and used to play for 45 minutes.  Now I have reduced to 30 minutes and made it more intense to cover up burning of calories.

2. Preparing/Choosing clothes to wear is a big distraction :  Keep it simple have one jeans which you can wear everyday and just pull out the tshirt that you can wear along with it.

3. Too much of social networking is waste of time.  Instead of reading facebook posts thrice a day reduce to once, probably  go through your facebook in night.

4. Its very important to share your thoughts,  use twitter to write what you are feeling.  Even if you are feeling frustrated tweet it.  Trust me you will feel better after tweeting.

5. Don’t worry too much about what you eat for lunch dinner, eat something which is fulfilling and most importantly can be cooked in small amount of time. Eg : Porridge.  Also don’t forget to have milk/cereal/oats everyday in morning in a long term they are going to benefit you a lot.

6. Using lunch time :  Utilize lunch time by watching videos that you think can help in your project.  Do it thrice a week, for other two days have lunch with your colleagues this way you can be social also.  YouTube is a good source. Since I am a techie, my source is Channel 9 , MSDN.  In case you are feeling down/demotivated, watch TED videos you will be inspired. 

7. Writing your goals helps : You can write on paper or tweet what is your plan for day looks like. Number One, Number Two..When you have written something on a paper or typed it, you will definitely adhere with your plan.

8. Last but not the least : Don’t spend too much time on your XBOX Smile.  Play one or two timeboxed games of tennis/fifa or whatever game you have.

In this post I have identified distractions and small things where I can save time, for coming up with your list like this you need to identify your distractions.

Feel free to comment and add your way of saving time and make this post better.


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