Thoughts on task planning app

There are lot of tasks/planning apps available on various different apps stores (android, iphone..) to remember your tasks, plan for the day.  I have been using Taskos on my android phone it works well and gives me ability to prioritize my tasks for the day.

All these apps for planning, task management… are great however none of these apps visually show me how does my day looks like. Also there are some tasks which have dependency, for e.g. If I am visiting a bank to get a demand draft, depending on  whether it’s done or not I can proceed to some other place.  Something like an app that can show that has the features of decision making and I can drag and drop my tasks.

I would wish to see an app show my day like this:


I know this looks like a flowchart for geeks Smile , but this is just a thinking phase UX can be enhanced, made more user friendly, customize, visualization, backgrounds… etc.

These are the features I can think off for this app:


1. A UI to add tasks and provide some additional options to store task

a. Options to save tasks as repetitive.

b. Ability to categorize tasks, like high medium low

c. A due date for task

2. A screen called as Organize your day, where a user can drag and drop tasks created above.  Toolbox from which a user can drag and drop decision elements, containers….Ability to drag and drop a task inside a container.

3. Organize your day screen can have horizontal lines, showing hours of the day.  This will help user to figure out what task needs to be done at what time.

3. Ability to browse any day in calendar, and see what you did on that day.

4. Repetitive tasks will be shown automatically on organize your day screen and can be dragged and dropped quickly.

5. As the day progresses I will keep on tapping on to the elements to mark them complete and show them in different colors.

6. Gamification – Using the app will earn badges, just like foursquare.  For e.g. finishing your tasks too early before day ends will earn you a badge.

7. Integration with social sites like facebook, twitter.

Advantages of this app:

1. Export the visualization of my days to image, share it with your friends on facebook, twitter to let them know how your day looks like.

2. An outlook plugin, which will show your day visually and ability to drag and drop tasks.

Feel free to comment about what you think about this idea any polite criticism is appreciated :).

P.S > I will not be surprised if this idea already exists



  1. Visual information have always been appreciated because they are easy to understand and are more appealing. I never saw any other apps similar to this but must say that its a good idea.

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