My experience of Win8 on VMWare workstation 8

I followed this blog to install Win 8 on Vmware workstation 8.0 (30-Day-Trial)

Only issue i faced during installation was Vmware asking for product key, to work round that you can select install the operating system later option. That worked like a charm.

Moving ahead, this time i choose to use my live id instead of creating a local account, it was little slow but not a big deal.

After logging in, I faced couple of issues

1. Metro apps do not respond to click
2. Green screen appears after accessing metro app

I have seen #1 on my colleagues box, did a search and found these are known issues:

For # 1 workaround is to reduce the resolution to 1024 by 768 for #2 increasing the UAC to one higher level resolved the issue.

Thats it i have for now, if you have better solution for these two issues, please post


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